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Intro to Olympus DAO

MAY 30, 2022  ·  1341 WORDS

Olympus DAO, according to their website, is a "Decentralized Reserve Currency". They are trying to build a "community-owned decentralized financial infrastructure to bring more stability and transparency for the world." In this post, I'll try to break down what that actually means in the context of Olympus DAO and how [...]


Why do people hate NFTs?

JANUARY 14, 2022  ·  1756 WORDS

Since I dove into crypto Twitter, I feel like I have been sucked into a deep echo chamber. There are more than a few "We are early"/"WGMI" chants and a whole lot of "Why NFTs are the future: A long 🧵". It is rare to hear about anything else. NFTs [...]


A primer on Ethereum gas fee

JANUARY 04, 2022  ·  1484 WORDS

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap today and with the introduction of smart contracts, it is regarded as a generation 2 cryptocurrency which allows a lot more utility than just a way to send and receive currency. To oversimplify, Ethereum introduced two different types of accounts — [...]


A sensible NFT investment guide

DECEMBER 19, 2021  ·  1723 WORDS

I want to start off this post by saying that I personally find it hard to follow everything I've listed here due to a variety of reasons including FOMO and my brain masking practicality with optimism. This happens because you keep hearing about big gains in crypto all the time. [...]


How secure is a Bitcoin private key?

DECEMBER 13, 2021  ·  685 WORDS

To secure an online account, the most popular choice is to use a password and username combo. The service where the account is hosted maintains all the username/password combinations in a database and serves as a central authority to allow or deny access. In the context of Bitcoin (or cryptocurrencies [...]